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Search facet value grouping Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239444D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-07
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Disclosed is a method applicable to eCommerce systems that consolidates sets of values (numeric and non-numeric) from a facet and then dynamically re-arranges the facets into another collection set. This helps shoppers refine search results and makes better use of limited user interface space.

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Search facet value grouping

Systems for eCommerce use a search index as a data repository for presenting a catalog for an online storefront . Online shoppers can use the search engine to browse the catalog with minimal interaction with the database on the production environment . As shoppers navigate or search the catalog, facets can be found on the same page, which group attributes with similar properties. Shoppers can use these facets to refine the search results as needed .

Depending on the data returned in the search result set, facets can come in various sizes. With a limited amount of visible area on the user interface, especially on mobile devices, it is necessary to find a way to extract or group similar contents in a facet to avoid overwhelming the user interface and reducing the usability of the application. At present, due to the dynamic nature of facets, it is very difficult to programmatically predict the outcome of its values; therefore, the task of defining the behavior of each facet comes back to the hands of the business user.

The core idea involves consolidating a set of values (applicable to both numeric and non-numeric values) from a facet and then dynamically re-arranging the facets into another collection set. The size of this collection set can be smaller or larger than the original facet. The facet counts used in the new collection set are also updated because of the consolidation .

The advantage of this approach to automate the facet entry and count re -distribution is that it relieves web page designers and business users from worrying about the size of the display area for each facet. The main concerns are the l...