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A way to protect private personal infomation in online shopping process Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239479D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-12
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This doc described an idea to control private information during the online shopping process. Build up a policy builder to implement: ensure each access request comes from certified device and for a valid purpose; reduce the risk of private data explosion to uncontrolled nodes.

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A way to protect private personal infomation in online shopping process

It is easy to see if you perform a search on internet, there are so many news about hacker attacks against websites, huge amounts of customer's private data was stolen by hacker, or some company's employee collected lots of customer info and sold out secretly for money. Those data was used in bad purposes, like cheating in credit cards payments, spam mails and SMS and etc. Our private info is overused and already out of our control in this area. Powerful IT system and firewall could make the data more safer, but we can

t stop those bad things

happen. Our private info been overused and already out of our control in this area.

This idea tends to protect the private information been exposed without control in online shopping process:

Break the information in different parts, do not provide extra information to the nodes which does not needed.

Make all the access facilities regist to obtain a valid token which could be identify in the data retrieving process or control the reading activities from save devices.

Let the private information expire after the shopping process signed off.


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All the devices request data must be certified

No more extra data provided to transfer nodes Server/service can do the notification work to customer Reduce the data provided outside of the sites.

Package label only contain an address and QR code

QR code is the way to send request and contain an unique order/package ID.


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User can customize the request type, mapping the request mode and server operations.

IT system, many workers you don opened, take out products and throw the box away, but the label still stick on it.

This solution tends to store the privates in a safe place, and all the access request need provide valid purpose, break the information combinations into smaller pieces and don

t provide useless extra information.

- All information been stored in the payment service provider, they have highest security system protection. Or the place which we can ensure it

s safe.

- The critical info only can been access in a valid shopping order period.

- Predefine some information request types:
Transfer : Scan the order, then notify customer via SMS or mail.

Sign-off notify: Send notification to the name. like SMS or a Ring call.

  Payment: Scan the order, and then process payment...