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Method to Easily Reorganize Mobile Application Icon Shortcuts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239483D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-12
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This article presents a method to re-arrange icons in mobile device. When an icon(s) selected and intend to move, all the pages are zoomed out so that people can see all the pages, then user can drag the selected icons to the page he wants to move to, the page will be zommed in so that user can select appropriate place for him to drop the icons

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Method to Easily Reorganize Mobile Application Icon Shortcuts

Application is the soul of mobile ecosystem

Applications is becoming more and more and then more desktop pages are needed to put them since one page can only hold certain number application icon shortcuts


Problem: It's hard to move icon shortcut among different desktop pages since no overview view In figure 1, it illustrates, it's hard to move icons in current mobile devices.

Desktop page snapshots with zooming in function

Core ideas:


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Figure 2 Claims: Reorganize the icon shortcuts of mobile applications through the snapshots of desktop pages with zooming in help Figure 2 illustrate the core idea of this invention
Below are the steps on how this invention works
1. Enable movable state


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In figure 3, user selects the icons he wants to move 2

Figure 3

. Trigger the snapshot view mode for placing the movable items


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Figure 4

In figure 4, all the pages are zoomed out so that user can see all the pages in one screen
Zoom In the move on desktop snapshot for easily identify the final position the movable icons should be put down


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Figure 5

In figure 5, when user hover over page 3, page 3 is zoomed in

4. Put down the movable icon shortcut in the final position and zoom out


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Figure 6

In figure 6, the icons are put on page 3 in appropriate position.


All the operations are finished in one page view, no cross page operations wh...