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System and Method of Multiple Devices Sharing Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239485D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-12
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The idea is to let remote connections between devices, including connections between PC, mobile, and touch pad, can reflect its relative locations on device's screen. On device A's screen, other devices connectioned to device A will have an icon representing itself. The icon's position on the screen can reflect its device's relative physical location to device A.

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System and Method of Multiple Devices Sharing

With people's growing purchasing capability and the fast pace of modern life, the popularity of PC, mobile and touch pad has been and are growing dramatically. Nowadays it's very common that one person owns more than one device, for example, you may own a desktop, a laptop, a mobile phone, a pad, or even more than that. With the growing number of devices, the share behavior between devices becomes even more popular.

For PC, it has remote desktop technique, you can create remote desktop connection for each remote PC. With this, you can only have one local PC on your hand, with remote desktop connections to other PCs. In this way, from your local PC, you can operate on other PCs via remote desktop connection. You can also share a folder on PC with other trusted PCs.

For Mobile/pad, it can search nearby mobile/pad and share info with them via bluetooth/wifi

Above solution has a drawback, that is the relative locations of other devices can not be embodied. Although there are technologies today showing other devices' distance to you, but there is no 2D relative physical location info reflecting.

Our idea is to let remote connections, including connections to PC, mobile, and touch pad, can reflect its relative locations on your device's screen.

One device is set up as master device(PC/mobile/touch pad). Each other device(PC/mobile/touch pad) is displayed as an icon on master, we call those device slave device.

Icon of the slave devices on master device's screen can reflect its relative position.

Fig1 show a person Mike is working an a PC, and there are several devices distributed around him including phone, pad, one laptop, one desktop, etc.

Mike open the blue...