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A Mechanism to Make Teleconference Recording Clearer Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239489D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-12
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In order to make better conference recording quality for listeners that can't attend the teleconference, in our solution, we clear up the overlap of recordings from multiple voice channels to make the recording one by one when multiple speakers speak at the same time, and also pass by the silent time if no voice channels speak at the time.

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A Mechanism to Make Teleconference Recording Clearer

This inspiration came from teleconference recording listeners' concern who can't attend the conference on time and have to listen to the recording later. If there are multiple speakers in the conference and they discuss things at the same time, it's hard for the listener to hear what's discussed. And the listener can't ask for repeat because the recording is not live.

The situation will be much improved if we make some changes on the recording mechanism - make multiple voice channels recorded one by one when they speak at the same time; pass by the silent time if no voice channels speak at the time.

This mechanism is used to make the teleconference recorder clearer, by avoiding voice overlapping among multiple participants.

(1) Multiple participants (through cell phone, telephone...) joined the teleconference in teleconferencing server, each participant uses one separate line, individual voice is recorded for each line first.

(2) Then multiple recordings for individuals are tuned by staggering overlapped voices, and by deleting no voice period.

(3) Then the tuned recordings are merged together to build up a clearer recording - no overlapped voices among multiple participants, no silent period in the recording.

Benefit of the mechanism:

(1).There is no overlapping of voices among multiple speakers, the quality of recording of the teleconference is improved.
(2).The no voice period is cut off from the recording, thus the recording is compact.

The known solutions and drawbacks of such known solutions

drawbacks of such known solutions:

Patent US 7450705 B1 - Method to test and compare voice teleconference systems, which is a method for testing and comparing audi...