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A Smart Method to Display the Different Languages on Social Network Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239539D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-14
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In the article, we introduce a smart method to display the different languages on social Network tool, with the method, the user can post/write/share multilingual info to the receivers who speak different languages and the appropriate receivers will view the info in his/her preference language.

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A Smart Method to Display the Different Languages on Social Network Tool

With the population of internet, people are living a social life with the social network tools. People would like to share info on these tools. For many people, they have friends who speak different languages, when they share the info, they have the puzzle which language they should use to share the info, and how their friends could view the info in their preference language?

Generally you could publish one text message with different languages together,such as "我在西藏。 I am at Tibet." But in fact we don't want our friends view our message in this format. We hope our Chinese friend only see the message in Chinese "我在西藏" and our English language friends only need to see messages in English "I am at Tibet".

Our method is to provide the method to post your info with different languages, and your friends could see your message in their preference language. In the social network app, there is the setting to enable input in multiple languages, you could enable the feature and select the languages you prefer to use to post your info.

Share info with multiple languages(The receiver would view the info in his preference language):

Please select languages you would like to use to share your info:



When you post the info, there would be two input text box for your to input info:


(English)you thoughts at the moment...

At the recei...