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Structure of Flex Substrate and Flex Substrate Assembly Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239556D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-14
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This publication relates to a structure of a sub-flexible circuit assembly to be mounted on a mother circuit board. The sub-flexible circuit assembly includes a terminal part on which there are terminals located in the holes on the sub-flexible circuit for being soldered to the mother circuit board, a component part on which electronic components are mounted, and a flying lead part which electrically connect the circuits between the terminal part and the component part.

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Structure of Flex Substrate and Flex Substrate Assembly 

This publication relates to a structure of a sub‐flexible circuit assembly to be mounted on a mother  circuit board. 

The sub‐flexible circuit assembly includes a terminal part on which there are terminals located in the  holes on the sub‐flexible circuit for being soldered to the mother circuit board, a component part on  which electronic components are mounted, and a flying lead part which electrically connect the circuits  between the terminal part and the component part. 

Benefits of this design include:  

The sub‐flexible circuit assembly can be easily aligned and soldered to the mother circuit board.  This is very much beneficial especially for the case that the sub‐flexible circuit is manually soldered  on the mother circuit. 

Since the terminal part and component part are separated, solder on the component part won't  melt during the soldering process of soldering the sub‐flexible circuit assembly to the mother circuit  board. 

Length of the sub‐flexible circuit assembly can be reduced by folding it at the flying lead part after  connecting to the mother circuit. 

Flying leadl part

Mother Circuir Board

Terminal part

Solder connect sub-flexible circuit assenbly on mother circuit using plated through holes in th...