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An intelligent assistant system and method for the Context Based and Device Crossed File Searching

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239567D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-17
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This article presents a method of marking files with information where it comes from, whether it comes from internet/mail attachment/social sharing site, etc. This feature is very helpful for end users as user can see where the files come from easily and conveniently.

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An intelligent assistant system and method for the Context Based and Device Crossed File Searching

We are in an information explosion period and the storage (traditional hard disk, SD card, SSD etc.) is larger than before. We may get files from internet after search with some key words in the searching engine; or receive files as mail attachment; or download files from a social sharing site. We are in an age of smart device explosion period and we may have several smart Devices to do such downloading and searching. The downloaded files were distributed in everywhere in your Devices. We may always forget which devices we used to download the file, and where the file locates inside the device, we may even forget the downloaded file name sometime and this often cause very difficult to do searching for the wanted file. How to efficiently manage all those downloaded files is a question for users. We bring up a device-crossed and context-based method to manage files.


After we download a file to a smart device, some context information associated with the files is missing, e.g. the searching key words in searching engine, the email subject, sender, the social files tags. When some time passed, you may not remember the file location or file name, but what you can remember maybe the key words you used before, or mail sender, etc. As a result, you may want to search the files with the key words you used last time, but it is impossible because the context information is missing when the file is saved onto storage.

Another problem is that you may have several devices, e.g. Smart phone, PC, PAD and other smart devices. You may operate those devices in different time to download files onto them. Then the downloaded files distributed in all those devices, when some time passed and download file increasing, you may be confused which device should be used to find a file.

Core idea:

Embodiments of the present invention are directed to following items:
1. One user could have several device, all those devices could be organized as one group. The group member will share the searching result

with each other.

2. When downloading file, collect context information for the file, those context information would be saved in local repository. For example, the context information could be following things:1) Downloading files from browser: record searching key words, download date, download web site.2) Downloading files from email attachment: email sender, email receive date, email subject.3) Downloading files from social sharing website: tag, download date.

3. When the user searching files on one device (e.g. the Device A), he can specify with the context information he remembered as the


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searching condition, e.g. email subject, email date, social files tag, or the key words used to search before, the searching engine will

search local repository to lookup the historical context information.

4. At the same time, the searching...