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Publication Date: 2014-Nov-17
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Many metal hydrides are used in semiconductor processing for various applications. Silane (SiH4) is probably one of most commonly used metal hydrides. WO2010/017373 describes the use of a plasma process to produce silane.

Other metal hydrides are of interest such as Ge, Te, S, Se, As, P, B and Al. Producing those gases can be difficult and can require a high temperature processes.

The disclosed methods produce metal hydrides using a plasma reaction process.

A gas containing a molecule having the formula MxHy, where x and y are integers ≥1 and M is a metal selected from Ge, Te, S, Se, As, P, B and Al, is generated by providing a metal containing material (the metal containing material containing at least one metal selected from Ge, Te, S, Se, As, P, B and Al); generating a plasma capable of vaporizing and/or sputtering a metal atom using a plasma generating device; and contacting the plasma and the metal containing material in a chamber containing hydrogen or hydrogen atoms in order to generate the MxHy gas.  The MxHy gas may be removed from the chamber.  Examples of preferred MxHy gases include GeH4, TeH2, PH3, BH3, B2H6, B10H14, AlH3, H2S or H2Se, or AsH3.

The plasma may be generated by flowing a plasma input gas through a plasma generating device.  The plasma input gas may be a hydrogen containing gas.  The plasma may include a hydrogen plasma.

The describe method may also include a step of separating the MxHy gas from one or more impurities...