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Morphable Fan Blades Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239587D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-17
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Disclosed is an apparatus and method to dynamically morph fan blades in a server blade to maximize air flow through a failed co-rotating fan assembly.

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Morphable Fan Blades

It has been shown that dimpled surfaces on fan blades reduce noise while still maintaining rotational speed and airflow. Unfortunately, the dimple size and shape are fixed and tuned to a specific fan speed. If the fan speed needs to increase, it would be beneficial to alter the size/shape of the dimples. To date, no means exist to dynamically alter the fan blade texture. Additionally, in the scenario where a fan dies and a counter or co-rotating fan needs to push/pull air through the dead fan, dimpling the blades of the dead fan would be beneficial. However, an undimpled fan blade is typically more efficient with respect to airflow in electronic enclosures. Surfaces can be dimpled via reduction in the pressure of a composite structure comprised of a soft core surrounded by a hard shell. Once pressure is reduced in the core, the hard (rigid) surface contracts, resulting in dimples (see Figure 1 below). In this case, the sphere would be fabricated to traditional fan rotor geometries and a valve near the hub end would be connected to a small pump (as an exemplary embodiment). Once the fan fails, the pump is activated and the rotors are dimpled.

Figure 1

During operation in a system environment, fans may occasionally fail. At that time, the pressure in the dead fan blades is reduced, and the exterior surface is forced to dimple as it contracts. The size and density of the dimples would be adjusted to minimize air resistance so


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