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Material and Method to Direct Condensation on Hardware

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239588D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-17
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Disclosed is a method to direct condensation away from sensitive electronic components.

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Material and Method to Direct Condensation on Hardware

Moisture is detrimental to the performance of electronic hardware. Whether that hardware is a simple keyboard on a laptop or the CEC in a server, it is crucial to prevent moisture from shorting out the critical components of the hardware. Regarding a keyboard, these can be made impervious to water but are much more expensive than conventional keyboards. For the case of
a server, there are no known solutions to prevent moisture damage to sensitive components in the event of a leak. Prevention is usually accomplished by building a very robust design with low probability of failure. However, no design is 100% fail safe. Consequently, it would be beneficial to be able to direct moisture/water arising from a spill away from critical components.

    Recently, researchers have shown that water flow can be directed by drop casting superhydrophobic materials onto a substrate. [*] Using a similar approach, superhydrophobic regions can be generated on the thermoplastic enclosure of keyboards or a shroud around the critical components (e.g., the power card, timing circuits, etc.). Water can be directed to non-critical regions. A typical keyboard is shown in the figure below:

    The keyboard consists of four layers: the molded thermoplastic layer with the visible 'keys', an underlying silicone membrane that provides tactile feedback, the actual electronic substrate, and a stiffener. In this typical construction, if liquid is spi...