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A method to protect sensitive online chat message Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239607D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-19

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This idea is about protesting person's private sensitive information during online chat. People don't really know who they are exchange information with when they chat online. This method keep person's private sensitive information safe from malicious person even they send private information out.

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A method to protect sensitive online chat message

A method to help online chat partners to send "sensitive" information safely to the realpeer chat partner which they suppose to chat with. With this method, only the one who has the real identity can read the "sensitive" information, anyone else who faked the identity via the stolen device or hacked account credentials could not read these "sensitive" information.

The secure of transfer "sensitive" information online is very important to everyone in this socialized world. Everyday, we connect to each other via too many ways and multiple devices to exchange various information, like chatting personal issues, sending/sharing personal pictures, confidential files and etc.. We really want a way/method to protect these "sensitive" information from malicious people who fake the identity to steal the information or cheated on us.

Among all these communication ways, currently, online chatting is very popular, people can use their multiple devices to communicate online instantly(eg, personal computers, mobile devices, or other smart mobile devices). It's much cheaper to communicate online than communicate by telephone, especially when people are in different cities or different countries.

However, some online communication need to be private and sensitive, users just want to keep the conversation private. So before they begin the sensitive conversation, they want to make sure that they are chatting with the real person that they need to communicate with, they don't want any other people who fake the identity knows. For a common example, your friend contact you online and said that he/she lost the phone, and wants to borrow money from you. Before you really transfer your money from bank, you must want to make sure that the person you are chatting with is really your friend.

Why do we ask this question ? Because there are many cases about people are cheated via online chat and lost money, or send private/sensitive information(like personal information, home address, personal pictures, confidential documents, password) to malicious people who faked the identity of your friends or relatives.

Sometimes, people's account are not safe but they don't know:

1. People lost their devices. Since most mobile devices can save the user password locally and the chat software can be login automatically. Before people have chance to change the password from other devices, their accounts are just in high risk. Anyone who get the device can pretend to be him/her and chat with his/her friends.

2. People's account is attacked but they don't know. The hacker can login when user is offline and pretend to be him/her and chat with his/her friends.

3. Some chatting program provide the function which allow user to store conversation history on the server side, and these chat history can be synchronized among multiple devices. If the attacker hacked the user's account credentials, they will have the chance to go thro...