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Method and System for Coordinating Voice and Text in a Call

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239608D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-19
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When conducting a call, it is sometimes not convenient for the receiver to answer the phone by talk, for example in a meeting, but he still want to pick up the call by silent. This invention designs an application for mobile devices to use the technologies of ASR (automatic speech recognition) and text-to-voice conversion to combine the caller’s voice and receiver’s text together to provide a smooth communication.

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Method and System for Coordinating Voice and Text in a Call

Nowadays, people can connect to each other anytime with the help of phones by calling or just sending a text message to others.

However, it is still inconvenient when one of the participants in a call can't talk. For example, if one receives a call whiling he's on a meeting listening to other speakers and he wants to keep both lines, it's probably he will tell the other that he's on the meeting and he will call back or they can continue by other means, like IM (instant messaging) tools, text messages, etc. Sometimes it's OK because the call maybe not that urgent. Though sometimes it dramatically breaks a simple process that he may only need to answer several simple questions or provide several pieces of simple information.

In this disclosure, we propose a method and system that allows the user answer the call without breaking his listening to the meeting speaker.

With the help of technologies of ASR (automatic speech recognition) and text,to,voice conversion, the caller's voice and receiver's text can be combined together to provide a smooth communication. A new mode for answering calls is introduced here: text mode, comparing to the transitional one which we call voice mode. With this mode, the user will "listen" to the call by continuous converted text and answer to the call by entering text, which will be converted to voice automatically so the normal interaction is not broken that the caller will st...