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Method to trigger a series of escalating wake-up alarms in a multi-passenger vehicle

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239614D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-19
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A method to trigger a series of escalating wake-up alarms in a multi-passenger vehicle is disclosed.

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-passenger vehicle

passenger vehicle

Disclosed is a method to trigger a series of escalating wake-up alarms in a multi-passenger vehicle.

During long-distance car trips, there is always a danger of the driver falling asleep at the wheel. Currently, there are solutions which detect the driver's level and frequency of sleepiness and take the appropriate wake up actions. These solutions typically comprise of a sleep detection device such as the steering wheel itself or an external device that attaches to the steering wheel. These devices can measure the driver's alertness from the change in pressure of the fingers on the steering wheel, or from the change in the capacitance of the fingers on conductive elements of the steering wheel. Once a level of sleepiness has been detected, an escalating series of alarms occur to alert the driver.

These existing solutions do not detect the presence and alertness of other passengers riding in the same vehicle. Consequently, they do not generate a series of gentle wake up actions based on the characteristics of all the passengers before triggering severe alarms. Additionally, these existing solutions do not generate suggestions of more effective wake up methods based on historical results. This disclosure enhances the aforementioned shortcomings of the existing solutions.

This article describes a method for enhancing the detection of sleepiness of all passengers, in addition to the driver, sharing the same vehicle. The enhancement of the detection mechanism includes a range of various hardware and software solutions. Some of these new methods incorporate the car's built-in seat weight occupancy, a hardware device such as a camera for face recognition, the presence of seat belt buckle locking, presence of a child's car seat base, etc. Each passenger also has the ability to create and register his/her profile that identify the individual's customized wake up methods and schedules. This article also includes new types of wake up actions, such as rolling down windows, triggering more A/C or heat, flashing interior lights, etc. During the entire car trip, the wake up controller continuously evaluates both the driver's and the group's alertness and triggers the appropriate escalation of gradual wake up alarms, dependent on the associated active profiles. Based on the effectiveness of the gentle wake up alarms geared towards just the driver initially, the wake up controller can activate more urgent severe alarms involving a wider audience if necessary.

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