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A graphical search method based on photo content Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239627D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-20
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This disclosure describes a new method to search a photoes by photo content. A image parser engine is involved to extract the elements from each photo and store these information into database or file system. Then a graphical user interface is generated to end users for selection. After that, system gets the user selection and find matched records in database or file system and give back the target photo.

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A graphical search method based on photo content

In recent years, people take photos via several kinds of devices and store them into personal devices, or upload to the Internet. There are more and more photos on the internet or in our personal devices, so people need a fast and intuitive way to search target photos.

However, existing method of searching target photo is based on photo name or timestamp.  Most of time, people are not used to give their photo a meaningful name. It needs extra efforts. Besides, remembering lots of names is difficult.   

Face recognition technology for simple classification of photos has limitation because this method is effective for finding the photo of a single person only. Besides, it is difficult to find one photo within the lots of photos of the same person.

This invention discloses a method to allow end users to search target photos from a graphical search panel.

Generally, a photo is divided into two layer: foreground and background. There may be person, animal, plants... in the foreground of photo. And there may be mountain, river, building... in the background of photo. These elements can be recognized by an image recognition program. The recognition results are stored into a file or database. 

System will generate a search panel dynamically to show these element icons (each icon stands for a kind of element). Then end users can select the element icons which are contained in the target photo to get an accura...