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Device for tilting an optical element, particularly a mirror

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Publication Date: 2014-Nov-20
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Device for tilting an optical element, particularly a mirror


The present invention relates to a device for holding and tilting (or pivoting) an optical element, particularly a mirror.

US7388700B1 discloses a pivoting ball joint on which a mirror assembly is attached. The mirror assembly is operatively coupled to an actuator assembly (e.g., electro-magnets or piezoelectric based actuators).

Further, WO2012171581 discloses an apparatus for positioning at least one optical element, wherein the apparatus comprises at least one movable carrier for holding the optical element.

Further, EP0916983A1 describes a light deflection device comprising a segmental sphere body having a deflection face portion for deflecting and transmitting an incident light beam, and a segmental sphere face portion opposing to the deflecting face portion, a base plate for supporting the segmental sphere body in a turnable manner, and a driving means for turning the segmental sphere body.

Furthermore US7136547A1 shows a method and an apparatus for directing a radiation beam in a desired direction. There is provided a movable member supported for movement by a fixed member and the movable member has an optical element, e.g. a flat mirror fixedly attached thereto. Here, the magnetization of the magnet runs perpendicular to the winding axis of the coil(s) so that also unwanted force components are created.

Further, US5430571A discloses a rotary mirror system for angularly deflecting a light beam including an air bearing arrangement rotatably supporting a mirror body on which one or more mirror facets are provided, the mirror body being the rotor of an electric motor.

Further US6666561B1 describes a micro-mirror device includes a substrate, a reflective element spaced from the surface of the substrate, a pair of electrodes disposed adjacent to the surface of the substrate, spaced apart from each other, and disposed adjacent to opposite ends of the reflective element, and including a dielectric liquid disposed at least between the reflective element and the pair of electrodes.

Further, US5959758A teaches an optical deflecting device that has a supporting member and a deflecting member. The supporting member is provided with an opening. The arced inner surface of the opening corresponds to the spherical annulus.

Furthermore, US6879747A1 discloses a galvanometer mirror and optical switching device using the same.

Further, US5754327 describes a device for deflecting a laser beam which comprises a mirror and means for orientating the mirror according to a predetermined equation for the controlled deflection of the laser beam. The mirror is supported so that it can oscillate about two axes and the means for orientating the mirror comprise a plurality of electromagnets supplied with currents which are controlled and variable in time to exert magnetic forces on said mirror.