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The System and Method to develop software information document Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239644D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-21
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This invention is intended to create document for customer to understand easily and verify the document content automatically.The Idea of this invention is to provide the Document assistant tool to help the author on writing and verification. The tool provides two kinds of mode, one is in prompting mode to standardize writing contents using pre-define Mapping Library. The second is in verification mode to generate one executable script via pre-define Mapping Library which recorded the mapping relationship of standard key words and executable CMDs, so that author can effectively and easily to know the document bug after execution, further more, it can show which part is not correct. .

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The System and Method to develop software information document

1 Background

1.1 Fieldofthisinvention

This invention is intended to create standard document and verify the key steps in the document automatically

1.2 Background

The software product document is very important for the User/Customer to use the software and resole problem during daily work. It's common practice for modern software industry to setup independent ID team. ID team usually separates from product team, even locates in different countries. Usually, they don't own strong technical background and product expertise. Also the different document owner prints his/her mark (wording, sentence structure …) during document generation. These may enlarge the huge GAP exists between product team and ID team, and impact the document description is not accurate or misunderstanding, then PMR will be raised for them by User/Customer, and this kind of PMR will not cause code change but spend high cost to achieve it. According to the statistics, about 13% are document issues and concentrate on the following two areas:

Document is not specific and clear enough to enable customer quickly filter out useful information

Document is not accurate and up-to-date, it would mislead customer and lead to PMR generation as result.

We intend to mitigate the GAP between software behavior and product document through invention of new system/method to generate standard document and verify it automatically. It could act as the basis for ID team to compose product document. It surely could highly improve efficiency and accuracy of product document according to above analysis.


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1.3 PriorArt

The following terms are used to search for the prior arts, however we did not search out very similar results. We selected some related and analyzed them in this section.

"Document generation system" "Document verification" "Document Standardization" "Document scanner"

1.3.1 US11/100,667: System and/or method for document generation

This patent identified embodiments of methods, apparatuses, devices and systems associated with document generation. For example, methods, apparatuses, devices, and systems associated with formatting content for display are disclosed. Including method apparatuses, devices, and systems to read a data file and a template file, create one or more sub-assemblies based at least in part on said template file and/or said data file; and execute one or more tags in said template file to populate said one or more sub-assemblies with data from said data file.

This patent did not identify or resolve how to verify if the existing document need to be updated and which part need to modify.

1.3.2 US12/349,311: Document Verification Method And System

This patent identify a method of and system for verifying a document, the method comprising generating verification information for the document, comparing the verification information with authentic verification information, and ide...