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Publication Date: 2014-Nov-21
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When drivers park their car in an underground parking lot or in a large parking lot, they often struggle with a common problem. It can be difficult to find their car, especially in an unfamiliar environment. Also, when a person borrows a car from another person, it can be difficult to locate the target car without a clear description. To solve the problem, a method is proposed to use a remote car key with compass function to guide people to locate their car. The compass screen types are various.


To solve the problem, the invention provides a new direction---to have the remote car key indicate where the target car is located. There are two classic ways to locate the relative positions of the car and the driver.

Solution A: The key sends a signal containing some timing and different direction information. When the car gets the signal, it decodes it and sends back. The key can judge the direction and distance according to the delayed timing information and direction mark, like the existing technology adopted in the car to obtain relative positions between cars.

Solution B: The key sends a signal containing only timing information. When the driver moves, holding the key, the driver can get the position of the car according to at least three different relative positions between the car and the key. Three positions should be in a line and A-B,B-C are the same distance. We can get the D according A,B,C. The method is with low cos...