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A method to support live debugging for node application in cloud environment Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239669D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-24
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This invention provides the posibility to allow live debugging in a production environment without interrupting business by providing a modified node.js runtime which enables both normal mode and debug mode simutaneously. It will dramatically increase the efficiency of identifying customer issue with zero down time.

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A method to support live debugging for node application in cloud environment

Today, troubleshooting a nodeapplication in cloud environment is painful.

1. If a developer wants to identify the issue, he needs to

a) collect logs

b) collect context information

c) reproduce the problem locally

d) identify the bug in the code locally

Usually it is going to take a long time to be able to go through above steps. There will be quite a mount of back and forth between customer and support/dev to be able to collect information and finally identify and solve the problem.

2. Sometimes, the issue couldn't reproduce locally. Developer has to reproduce the issue in the cloud deployment. In order to start debug mode of node application, you have to restart the app in debug mode. This will cause service interruption for customers.

Based on our research, currently there is no good solution in the market to solve above pain points.

The purpose of this invention is to

1. Improve efficiency of problem determination especially for cloud environment

2. Improve user/operational experience for cloud node application

3. Allow developer to do live debugging in production environment without impacting the existing customers

1. Modify node.js source code to enable both normal mode and debug mode

2. The modified node.js runtime will be able to distinguish normal request and debug request through multiple ways

a) By command line parameters

b) By query string in the url. e.g http://nodeapp.myblu...