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Method for Management of Media Content Across Devices, Storage, Cloud, and Social Networks through use of Analytics Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239674D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-24
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Disclosed are a system and method for managing a user's photographs across multiple devices, local storage, cloud solutions, and social networks. The system allows the user to search each of these repositories and shows which repositories store which photographs. The system also analyzes photographs to find closely related photos that are stored in other repositories and displays these as thumbnails.

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Method for Management of Media Content Across Devices , Storage, Cloud, and Social

Networks through use of Analytics

Many people use multiple devices to take pictures and consequently these pictures are stored across multiple devices. These pictures are often duplicated in multiple places (e.g., on a user's phone, tablet, Network Attached Storage (NAS) drive, and backed up to a public cloud). Some locations only store a subset of pictures (e.g., 10 of 100 vacation photos are uploaded to a social network photo album). This can create a retrieval problem.

A method and system are needed that enable users:

 To find all pictures related to one subject matter when the pictures are stored across multiple devices

 To look at a subset of subject-matter photographs in a social network photo album, and then easily find the other pictures of that subject that the user did not upload to the social network site

The novel contribution is a distributed image catalog that stores information about photographs across all of a user's devices, local storage, cloud storage, and social networks. For any given photograph thumbnail, the system can identify on which image repositories that photograph is stored, and then display each of these repositories as icons overlaid on the picture. The system monitors the status of these repositories and indicates whether each is currently online or offline. For online repositories, the system can retrieve the full size image from that repository when the user clicks on the appropriate icon.

The novel system includes an image search that can locate related content stored across multiple devices, storage, and social networks. The search combines the use of photograph metadata (e.g., location information, date/time stamp, Exchangeable Image File (EXIF) header) with image analysis (i.e. direction of photograph) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) of associated comments and captions. This allows the user to search for an image across all image repositories registered with the central image catalog.

The central image catalog allows a user to identify images closely related to a given photograph (e.g., same location but with a difference in time, exposure, direction of capture) across image repositories. When a user views photographs in a given repository, the closely related images stored in other repositories are overlaid as a series of thumbnails.

A user registers photograph storage locations (e.g., phone, tablet, NAS drive, external drive, personal computer hard disk, social networks, or cloud backup) with a central image catalog. The catalog stores the following information about the photograph:

 Metadata stored in the photograph, such as global positioning system (GPS) data, date/time of capture, etc.

 Data associated with the photograph such as comments and captions


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 Metadata generated from analysis of the photo such as the direction of capture

The system allows the user to search fo...