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Autosearch screenshots and keywords while raising service request to reduce resolution time Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239704D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-26
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Auto search of relative text in screenshots that are attached in the attachments field of service request form and get possible solution before raising it to Product Support team to reduce resolution time.

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Autosearch screenshots and keywords while raising service request to reduce resolution time


The Support industry receive service requests from customers about questions/concerns/errors with various products or solutions.

Customers can reach Product Support team either through mail, phone or web.

Service tickets received through mail and phone are handled as per company's SLA's and cannot be deflected.

If customer raises a Service Request through Web, user has to write the entire problem description, attach screen shots of errors, logs, etc.

The error encountered by user may be a generic error or a known limitation of the product. Unless Product Support Engineer informs the user or searches the same in the knowledge base, user might not get to a resolution.

Waiting for Support response sometimes leads to long resolution time for the user.

Main Idea:
Disclosed is a technique to provide dynamic resolution to a user having concerns/errors/issues with the product and deflect from raising Service Request.

A Service Request form will have a field to attach screen shots. Once the service request form is filled completely, a scanning mechanism that would scan all the text in the screen shot and compare with the keyword field of the Tech note or Tech Doc.

Based on the match percentage, the already available solution in form of tech note will be listed in order. This will prompt the users to go through the possible solutions.

The attachments field of Service Re...