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Technique to use Bluetooth as one of the mediums to connect to the nearest mobile network circle Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239705D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-26
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Embodiment suggests better ways to connect to the mobile network using the BlueTooth connection medium. In todays world of smart phone, mobile users face problems such as "Out of coverage" or "weak network signal" while using our mobile phones at different places like home, office, hotels, during travel etc. Most of the time we get frustrated due to such problems because our important call gets disconnected abruptly. Or we are in desert / travelling from one place to another and had to make an emergency call we do not have much reliable options. Thus leading us to move to areas where we have strong mobile phone network signal. But in reality it is very difficult to always be at such place! This work around is not what we want.

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Technique to use Bluetooth as one of the mediums to connect to the nearest mobile network circle


UserA is using a mobile phone (with in built Bluetooth technology). She/he moves out of mobile phone network coverage, hence won't be able to send/receive any call/SMS.

Here we propose to use the mobile phones Bluetooth technology, which would sense that the mobile phone has gone out of mobile network coverage or has weak signal, and it will get turned ON automatically. This Bluetooth has its own coverage. This Bluetooth will find the close mobile network it can connect to. Thus as shown below in diagram, the mobile phone network and mobile phone's Bluetooth sphere will intersect with each other. Once intersected, Bluetooth can be used to communicate between mobile phone network and the phone. So Bluetooth provides the media/way to connect to the mobile network to either provide signal or make it stronger. Thus user will be able to send/receive calls/SMS and always be in touch with his/her people.

Basics of the intersections of two networks can be as follows:

-- Provision of creating a Network chain similar to a Bluetooth grid without connecting the mobiles with each other using Bluetooth network connections and further using the powerful Bluetooth grid / circle created to connect to the nearest possible Mobile service Provider Network.

Use Case: In an emergency situations like accidents on highway where the traffic jam occurs and certain cases where there i...