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Application Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239708D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-26
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The disclosure is about a tool for applying sheets of a tape or die cuts of a tape, e.g. a MST (melt sealing tape) or a structural adhesive film.

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Application Tool

The disclosure is about a tool for applying sheets of a tape or die cuts of a tape, e.g. a MST (melt sealing tape) or a structural adhesive film.

A melt sealing tape may comprise a melt-flowable and thermosettable composition that comprises an epoxy resin and a thermoplastic polymer having one or more functional groups capable of reacting with an epoxy. The thermoplastic polymer may be a semi- crystalline polymer or an amorphous polymer. In a particular embodiment, the thermoplastic polymer has a glass transition temperature above -30°C.

The adhesive is typically solid, and may or may not be tacky at room temperature. Typically, the melt-flowable and thermosettable composition of the adhesive sheet has a melting point above about 50°C. Upon heating the melt-flowable composition, melts sufficiently to wet out on a surface and adhere to it.

The melt-flowable composition may be formed into a sheet using conventional sheet forming techniques, including extruding the material from a heated die; heating the sheet material to a suitable melt temperature and knife coating onto a release liner; curtain coating the molten material; or dispersing the material in a solvent, coating onto a release liner, and drying the solvent.

The thickness of the adhesive sheet material will vary widely. Useful thicknesses have been found to be in the range of about 0.05 mm to 25 mm. For typical joining of e.g. metal panels, thicknesses may range from 3 mm to 25 mm, for example 4 mm to 10 mm, or 5 mm to 8 mm. The adhesive sheet can be packed in stacks of sheets cut into a desired dimension or shape for the end use. If the adhesive sheet is tacky, a release linier may be interleaved between adjacent sheets or wraps of a roll.

An application tool is disclosed that can be used to apply the sheets of tape effectively and with a high standard of quality, which leads to an effective process of applying the sheets of tapes. In addition the tool serves to create a final product - e.g. two parts adhered to each other - with very good mechanical properties. The two parts may be metal parts or any parts out of other material, that need to be adhered to each other like composite parts, plastic parts, wooden parts etc. The adhesive sheet may also be used to adhere two different kind of materials to each other, like metal to plastic, composite or wood or any other combination of the above mentioned materials. The application tool is especially useful for applying a sheet, that has a shape that is adapted to the panels it should be applied to. E.g. the panel that the sheet should be applied for is a metal panel with a bolt and the sheet of tape comprises a hole for receiving this bolt.

The application tool is based on a stamp and comprises additional features that allow for effectively applying the sheet to a panel.

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The additional features will be described with reference to the following drawings:

Figure 1

Figure 2

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The tool...