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Method and System for Providing a Navigation History Widget to Users for Social Activity Streaming Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239709D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-26
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A method and system is disclosed for providing a navigation history widget to users for social activity streaming.

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Method and System for Providing a Navigation History Widget to Users for Social Activity Streaming

Activity stream concept of showing a stream of a user's events in social networks have been enhanced over time by allowing users to perform inline actions on activity stream events or display embedded experience pop-ups by clicking on activity stream events to allow additional interaction. Typically a user clicks on a first activity stream entry of interest and interacts with the object (e.g. file, status update, blog,

workflow item, defect etc.) by either viewing/editing with the provided inline User Interface (UI) or embedded experience pop-up. Then the user scrolls down the activity stream to the next item of interest and interacts/edits and the process continues over and over. The user may move back and forth in the stream. However, there is no known way for the user to easily navigate the history.

Disclosed is a method and system for providing a navigation history widget to a user for social activity streaming. The method and system provides a mechanism that allows users to go through embedded experience (EE)/activity stream events in a manner more similar to browser history navigation.

In accordance with the method and system, the mechanism continuously tracks each activity stream event a user clicks on and corresponding inline/EE UI and creates a stack of experiences. Thereafter, the stack of experiences are compiled in the form of a history widget and displayed on a web page along with navigation buttons such as, for example, back, forward, jump to, etc. The history widget displayed on the web page presents information corresponding to inline/EE UI. The history widget may optionally present corresponding activity stream event information in an order or reverse-order of user interaction. When an EE is resumed based on historical context data, the EE is merged and analyzed with associated activity stream event. Merging of EE also considers changes happened within that the event such...