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Method for automatically determining social network post recipients Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239710D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-26
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Disclosed is a method to allow a social network user to show or hide a social media post based on a friend’s feedback.

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Method for automatically determining social network post recipients

A social networking user might write a post that is only intended for sharing with

specific people that will appreciate this content. For example, the user might want to share information related to politics, but does not have any predefined groups for political parties; therefore, some readers might ignore or even be offended by the post.

Prior art in this area is inadequate. Given the infinite number of topics that might be discussed, it would be unrealistic to have hundreds of different groups to pick from

when deciding with whom to share a post. Known solutions in the content rendering area allow a user to control viewing of certain posts, but none offers a solution for sharing content, and also fails to capture a user's feedback to appropriately filter a post for viewing.

The core idea for the solution is to provide the ability to show or hide a social media post based on friend's feedback. This can be accomplished by explicitly excluding friends or groups from certain post, over a configured period. Based on the historical data, the method suggests which friends or groups with which to share (or from which to exclude) new post(s).

In the following example:

• Let p be the post or comment that a user of a social network makes
• Let S be the set of p clusters where a cluster includes several posts or comments that are *similar* --> *similar* in this case could mean several thing. In one em...