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Method and System for Invalidating References to Changed Content Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239715D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-26
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A method and system is disclosed for invalidating references to changed content. The method and system invalidates comments and other references to content when the content changes beyond a threshold.

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Method and System for Invalidating References to Changed Content

Generally, users comment on web content such as videos, news articles or posts. The original content may change after users have posted comments as the content owner may edit the original content. Thus, the posted comments may reflect a personal view or statement that is no longer valid to the edited content, which may

be unfair to the users. Consider a scenario, where a user posts a video depicting a

controversial act of a war on a social media website. Accordingly, other users of the social media website express views on the video based on the video's content. In this scenario, if the content owner edits the video, the comments from other users may no longer be accurate as the comments would not reflect views relative to the new video.

Disclosed is a method and system for invalidating references to changed content.

As content is made available on the internet, users are allowed to post comments and express views on the content. The content can be one of, but not limited to, a video and a news article on a website. Other users of the website post comments on the content posted by the content owner. The content owner may modify the original content after the other users post comments. The method and system can accordingly quantify the change in the original content. The quantification can be based on one or more of, but not limited to, number of changed frames in a video, insertion of an introduction or credits to a video and text differences in natural language. If computed change exceeds a predefined threshold, an action is performed to protect references to the content.

The method and system computes a change score to represent the significance of change in content and the relevance of the change to comments associated with the content. The change score is computed based on the number of unique frames added or removed relative to the original content, if the content is video. The change score can be computed by assigning more weightage to certain parts of media content than others. Thereafter, the comments and other references associated with the content are invalidated if the computed scores exceed a threshold. The content owners can be warned before changing the content. The

warning informs the content owner that the change may lead to invalidat...