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Avoid duplicate runs of automation test suite Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239726D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-27
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"Automate everything" has been a key focus area for project teams for some time now. As a result teams have developed thousands of automated test cases and suites which is really helping in optimizing the test execution cycle. However, just automating the test cases is not sufficient !! Instead project teams need to go to next level to build intelligent test frameworks which can even optimize the execution of these automated test suites in a way that for a given configuration - there is no need to re-run the already executed test suite thereby leading to time saving and better utilization of hardware resources.

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Avoid duplicate runs of automation test suite

In line with DevOps principles, there is a major push towards automation of test cases. Project teams have majority of the test cases automated and these automated test cases can be huge in number and may take long time to execute the full test suite. Every developer or tester runs different set of test suites on daily product builds to validate the fixes or to check for any regression. In overall scheme of things for a component team, it is quite possible that for a generated product spin, a set of team members have to run the same test suite on same test configuration (combination of product version, spin id, operating system, test suite name)- but what practically happens is each developer / tester runs the test suite individually in isolation, since one team member does not know what is being executed by other member on a different machine in given test setup - thereby leading to duplication of effort / wastage of hardware resources - which deviates from DevOps principle as well.

Proposal here is to make test execution framework intelligent in a way that before starting the execution of test suite - test system should go for querying and determining - if same test configuration record (combination of product version, spin id, operating system, test suite name) has been already executed by some other user in given test setup (set of machines in a domain or a FVT test cloud setup)

- if YES - then simply fetch the results from previous run and present to user, - if NOT - go ahead and execute the test suite.

Below is an example for the same

Let us assume a dummy product name - RP

Product Vesions - 1.x, 2.x, 3.x [ .x means patch releases on each stream ]

Product Spins - RP.1.x.D10112014, RP2.x.D10112014, RP3.x.D10112014 [ typically these will get generated daily with different dates embedded in name ]

Supported OS - RHEL 6, SLES 11
Automation Tests contains - TS1, TS2 up to TS10 [ Each TS has 100 TC's ]

Step 1 - Now as part of FVT setup we have 20 images deployed in a FVT test cloud. Tester 1 - exec...