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One time Image password authentication based on an Indexing order Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239727D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-27
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Title : One time Image password authentication based on an Indexing order There is always trade-off between security and usability in web applications/mobile/systems. Authentication is a mechanism to validate user credentials before allowing a user to login into the system. Each authentication has its own limitations. With password authentication, users can guess the password or accidentally the password can be seen when the user typing. Also if length password is provided, it makes difficultly for the user to remember. Our solution resolves all these limitations.

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One time Image password authentication based on an Indexing order
Our authentication mechanism provides better usability and security compared with other authentication mechanisms. This approach helps users to easily remember their passwords based on the images which they provided during the user registration. They can load their own pictures during the user registration as a input or they can select the predefined images which are provided by the server.

These images could be of any categories . Once after registering the images, choose an order for those images by providing an index to them. Also one of the great advantage with this approach is, user has the flexibility to choose the algorithm to form a order from indexes. Algorithm's are described below. These images will be displayed during the user login with an alphanumeric character. User can select the order of the images based on the alphanumeric character displayed during the login and algorithm which was selected during the user registration.

Index algorithm order could be of :- 1) Ascending order 2) Descending order 3) Even number order
4) Odd number order 5) Fibonacci order


1) Algorithmic based order Image indexing password authentication.

2) It can be used instead of a text password. Also user no need to remember lengthy and complex passwords.

2) In web applications, to avoid misuse of them by automatic script placing false order or any other action. These sites prompt image which have c...