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A method to perform critical follow ups and escalations based on configuration to actionable business email. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239729D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-27
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This is to allow sender to configure various follow up and escalation attributes at the time of email document creation. This is about, setting up escalation or follow up people, the escalation or follow up email contect when the email response is overdue. It also describes that the email server should release the scheduled tracking tasks when the sender confirms the vallid response in the system.

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A method to perform critical follow ups and escalations based on configuration to actionable business email.

Some business email communications happen to request information along with target response date, the expected response date is mentioned into email body. there are business impact if they have not addressed timely. The current email application does not have capability to help sender in keeping the track of expected responses from the recipients on such actionable emails. Senders practice to send reminders manually so that the necessary response can be provided in time. The problem becomes worsen when sender is responsible for multiple tasks, and he is not able to track various business critical follow ups. As of today, the solutions are manual - he needs to either maintain personal notes or he can maximum set up follow up reminders to recipients which may not be enough because they do not provide certain configured reminder date to respond, so it may again ignored or miss out. There is no in-built solution to make predefined follow-ups and escalations in the email technology.

This is to enrich the email application by configuring a 1) expected/target/latest response Date 2) Follow-up and 3) Escalations attributes in email by sender. This will enable sender to ensure that the necessary action shall be taken timely without the manual follow ups, e.g., verbal/chat/phone calls. On the other side, enable recipients to accept or propose a new date or reject on proposed date by which he can really respond to. Also, enable sender to generate auto reminders and auto escalation email (as and when needed)) to stake holders if the agreed date has not met.

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