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Create notes using pictures and related text using a smart phone device. Potential to utilize Cloud IaaS Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239732D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-27
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Abstract A way to use pictures taken from a phone camera and automatically saving with a linked text (editable later) to create full document called Photo-notes. An end “Photo-note” would be a single document having Pictures along with related text that could be printed or shared or stored for reference.

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Create notes using pictures and related text using a smart phone device . Potential to utilize Cloud IaaS


Pictures taken from the smart phone camera can be used as Class room notes, a Recipe, a Catalogue, a Research Journal, a Step-by-Step troubleshoot guide or a repair manual. This can be done if somehow a document is created using the picture and each picture has a note/comment/information text assigned to it at time of saving. Problem is once a picture is taken it goes to default gallery (in most phones) or the user created folders and gets saved with many other "unrelated pictures".


Solution here proposes an interface in smart phones to first create a group (Picture-Note) and add

pictures to it with or without text by opening one of the created groups from the application menu.

Solution disclosed here has two steps/ideas:

1. Save related pictures information (may be name or image id) for a single note together. Even if those pictures get saved with others at default location at different time.

2. If user wants he could save a text information for each picture he takes or add/edit a text later for a picture. So a single Picture-note has related pics with their texts (Image-notes) saved in the application.

3. Pictures can be stored locally or on cloud. Similarly the database tables can be stored on cloud.

Implementation. Texts, diagrams, flowcharts if possible.

1. User will be presented with main menu after running the application. From here he can
i. create New Picture-note
ii. open a Picture-note
iii. close a Picture-note
iv. delete a Picture-note


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2. Picture-note has its own properties like:
i. With text (default)/ without text
ii. Final look (Landscape / Portrait/ Album)

3. If no picture-note is open all pictures will be directly saved as usual without indexing.

4. If a picture-note is open and is in "with text mode" user will be asked to give a comment/text related to picture. Text can be left empty and continued to save to gallery. This will create an image-note entry in the Picture-note.

5. User can close this picture-note and open any other to save new image-notes to that.

6. Notes can be left empty while saving or can be edited later to correct mista...