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A smart cabinet for goods' classification, storing and getting Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239737D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-28
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The disclosure describes a kind of smart cabinet which consists of electric device and electronic cabinet management system. The smart cabinet can automatically classify the goods according to its size, usage and use frequency etc, also can automatically put the goods into big or small free slots. The smart cabinet can help people easily manage the goods, for example, click the goods picture to quickly find the goods, quickly know which goods are less-used and dispose them timely, finally help people make smart decision on shopping. With this kind of smart cabinet, people's life and work will be more easier and efficient.

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A smart cabinet for goods

A smart cabinet for goods'

With the rapid development of economics, the consuming power of the people has been improved greatly, people often bought many kinds of goods to home. The goods is usually put into the big or small common cabinets. With the common cabinet, the goods can't be find in a short time if the goods is not arranged or stored per category. Sometime, even people has forgotten the goods' existences if it's stored in a bottom-corner of the cabinet. In the worse case, people might buy duplicated goods if it was forgeable. That will bring the waste of space and money. So if there is a smart cabinet, it will make life happier and easier.

This disclosure describe a smart cabinet which can automatically classify the goods based on its size, the frequency of use and store it to the closet slot that it can be quickly get, and allow people to get the needed goods in a short time via clicking the goods' picture, even help people to easily know the less-used goods and dispose it timely to save space and time. If the smart cabinet is setup at home or office building, it will help people to save lots of time spending in goods' classification, storing and seeking, and improve people's work and life efficiency, even save more space and money.

The invention comprises of electronic device and electronic cabinet management system. The electronic device includes the sensor, camera, transmission chain system and data processing. The sensor and camera can scan the goods' picture, color, size, weight and shape, then decide to put the goods to proper slots. The transmission system consists of many slots, there is a sensor for each slot to perceive the goods' existences. The electronic cabinet management system can be deployed in computer/Pad/Notebook, it provides a user interface to manage the goods such as browsing and choosing the favorite goods, and analyze the goods' using frequency then decide to discard it or not.

The invention comprises of a electronic device system and an application of electronic cabinet management. The electronic device system includes the sensor, camera, transmission chain system and data processing. The apparatus of smart cabinet is shown as Figure 1. When the goods is put into the entrance, the sensor & camera in the top of cabinet will measure the shape, size and color of the goods, the camera will take photo for the goods, and transmit the signal or...