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Stiffener with Alternate Flange Arrangement Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239741D
Publication Date: 2014-Nov-28

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This technical disclosure proposes a new stiffener design for joining of two metallic sheets or components for structural integrity using adhesive. Adhesive joining is becoming increasingly attractive due to their superior aesthetics needed for the body panels as well as elimination of weld distortion issues for metallic structures. The proposed stiffener design has alternate flanges, instead of continuous flanges traditionally used. This provides adequate strength along with significant reduction in quantity of adhesives. The proposed design of stiffener can have several variants, in terms of number of flanges and their shapes, which can be optimized for a given application. This concept enables around 50% reduction in the quantity of adhesive quantity as against conventional L or T shaped flanges. In addition, the new joint provides adequate structural strength.