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A system to deliver a message or service to a person or entity that is currently inaccessible. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239790D
Publication Date: 2014-Dec-02
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Disclosed is a method that allows messages intended to some users to be delivered to other users who may be available

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A system to deliver a message or service to a person or entity that is currently inaccessible .

Problem statement :


              Sometimes it is hard to reach a party to deliver a message or service because the person is temporarily unavailable due to various reasons . If the message or service needs to be delivered right away , then an alternate means of delivering the message or service is required.

Core idea:

The core idea of this invention is to determine the next best contact for a particular message or service when the original intended contact is not accessible .

This idea provides the optimal alternate contact when the initial contact is not accessible. At the core of our invention is a decision -making matrix that takes into account various factors and comes up with the most optimal alternate contact for the current scenario.

The novelties of our invention are, that it
makes use of the relevance of the message /service
takes into consideration the relationship between the parties
takes into consideration the communication proximity between the intended party and the alternate parties

Advantages :

Allow important communications to reach the initial target even though they are not accessible. This is not restricted to phone.

It can be used by applications that have social and other interactions . The communication reaches the initial target via the most appropriate contact or method available at that particular time as well as the most appropriate relationship .

Social networks such as Facebook, LinkedIn may want to offer services where their customers may want to reach others but may want to reach an alternate contact if the initial target is not available.

In another scenario, suppose a parcel needs to be delivered to a person , but they are not home. In such a case, our invention provides an alternate person or entity to whom the parcel may be delivered, based on various factors such as, whether the parcel is confidential, a list of authorized persons, weather cond...