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Enhanced navigation assistance for improved safety using inter-car sensory network Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239792D
Publication Date: 2014-Dec-02
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Disclosed is a method that provides vehicle operators with warnings of potentially bad drivers who are in the viscinity.

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-car sensory network

car sensory network

Core contribution to knowledge: Identify drivers that are potential hazards to other drivers and share the information with other drivers improving driving safety.

Background: When driving from point A to point B, one can encounter drivers whose driving behavior is suspect and/or raises a red flag. Experience has shown that accidents are caused by drivers who exhibit a certain pattern of bad driving during a stretch. If such drivers can be identified early and other drivers on the same road

Enhanced navigation assistance for improved safety using inter -

warned. safety on the road could be improved.

Scenario: Henri is driving from Raleigh to Asheville, NC and ran into some reckless drivers in 3 or 4 cars, who would race each other in some portions of the highway. On a

small stretch of 5-10 miles, they would accelerate and pass everyone at very high speed, then stop ahead and discuss the results (or give each other high fives), other drivers would pass them. But 5 minutes later, they would appear again from the back, driving recklessly for another few miles, then they would stop on the side of the road again or on stretches where they would suspect the police. They would pass people multiple times and each time, it was really dangerous. There is a need to be able to detect reckless drivers, or maybe even drivers who are asleep in their cars and let other vehicles know so that , when ya vehicle is driving near such a possibly dangerous vehicle there would be increased vigilance.

Disclosed is a system and method, that enables driver to detect other drivers, who exhibit a certain pattern of bad driving. The information can then be shared among other drivers on the same road, so that they can protect themselves from the drivers exhibiting the bad behavior.

The key aspect of this disclosure is to have the ability to identify bad drivers, be able to keep track of them and relay that information to other drivers that are driving the same stretch of the road. Identifying bad drivers can be done in different ways, but this disclosure will focus on certain driving aspects.

- Some negative behavioral patterns that may be monitored include, but are not limited to,

-Driving in low visibility without lights
-Lots of intermittent braking. i.e. brake lights coming on and off multiple times. -Heavy braking
-Rapid acceleration
-More general swerving in lanes
-Flashing lights from behind
-Driving over a certain speed threshold
-Frequent lane changes
-Cutting off other drivers


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-Late lane changes,
-Erratic lane changes,
-Multiple lane changes at once,
-Driving on the median or shoulder
-Driving in hashed out areas or in turning lanes without indication
-Driving on the wrong side of the road
-Driving across a solid line etc.
-Driver is moving fast. Based on how fast, there is a likelihood that they will be cutting off a driver ahead (approaching a truck and wanting to cut ahead of the driver in the n...