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Cloud Storage Virtual Controller (CSVC) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239796D
Publication Date: 2014-Dec-02
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A system and method for a cloud storage virtual controller (CSVC) is disclosed.

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Cloud Storage Virtual Controller (

Disclosed is a system and method for a cloud storage virtual controller (CSVC).

CSVC acts as a broker/custodian to all cloud based storage. The CSVC controls all storage via user credentials. It virtualizes one, all, or however many specified storage into a single usable storage. Further, the usable virtualized storage can be broken down to whatever size is needed. With the CSVC managing back-end and front-end storage, it can also apply optimization tools such as mirroring, tiering, latency analyzers, etc for each individual need. The CSVC not only solves the issues with single management module but also manages access to the cloud based storage, thus improving cloud based devices. The CSVC can also manage and protect the data itself using it's optimization tools.

As depicted in the Figure, the CSVC creates a single point of management for all cloud-base storage solution(s). It streamlines and simplifies the usage of multiple cloud-base storage services into one user interface. Additionally, software optimization tools can design specific solutions for each user.

The following details an example embodiment of CSVC:
CSVC accesses cloud based storage and assumes control using IP and user credentials.


A file is created onto the cloud based storage that act as it's interface and also reserves the space.


With the CSVC in control of the back-end storage, it can then manipulate them, group them, and create virtual front-end