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A method of searching related mails quickly and smartly

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239809D
Publication Date: 2014-Dec-03
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An intelligent method/system is introduced to filter out mails by dragging third app. to catch contact, active topics, theme, date, or address, and etc of one active container. This info can be sourced from instant messaging(IM), address book, Calendar, worksheet, Activities. The plug-in can smartly parse useful info to scope mail threads.

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A method of searching related mails quickly and smartly

In our daily work, we always recall something by tracking mail. The common way is searching specific user's mails, and find out interested message. We have to input the name manually, once any typo, we can't find out right info, and we have to research it. It's very boring. Another way, we can sort out all mails by names, following that, we need to pick up useful mails in large amount of mails. Both of ways are a bit of an annoyance.

This invention significantly benefits user's experience. Good user experience is aimed to simplify flow and increase efficiency of operations. Users don't need do many steps to finish searching,

The present invention is directed to filter mail by contact of instant messaging (IM), or address book. User can directly select specific user's mails, they don't need do more steps, such as search somebody, instead, they just need to drag this contact from IM, or address book to mail, and related mails from the person, will be list here. It's good user experience.

The proposal is to combine mail box and IM or address book, and make it easy to pick up mails from specific sender. IM contains all cooperators in work, and it has good classification, such as primary contacts, or any group you defined. It's easy to locate any person you wanted. We can utilize the advantage to do mail search.

The proposal has the following advantages:

Operate more convenient, simple

Make better use of contact...