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Method and System for Smart Client in IoT Cloud Platform

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Publication Date: 2014-Dec-04

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Currently, the client design and develop are becoming more and more complex, since lots of diffrent OS and platfrom and so on. The paper describe hot to build a method and system for Smart Client Platform in IoT Cloud. Using auto-discovery module to fetch the metadata for user to customize and then generated the appropriate client based on customer’s configuration. And the whole platform will include metadata discovery automatically, client config/build/deploy automatically modules.

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Method and System for Smart Client in IoT Cloud Platform

Currently, the IoT (Internet of Things) or M2M (Machine 2 Machine) solution is becoming more and more popular. Usually, the whole solution should cover client and server side. But, Since lots of kinds devices/sensors... with heterogeneous system such as different OS, instruction set..., it was very complex to dev/build/deploy/update device side client, especially in communication module.

1. The more heterogeneous systems of device/sensor/client in the IoT/M2M system such as OS, hardware infrastructure, the more complexity would be added for developing/maintaining/building/deploying application especially in communication module;

2. The more requirements/limitations of device/sensor/client in the IoT/M2M system such as CPU capability, memory usage, power limitation...the more complexity would be added for developing/maintaining/building/deploying application especially in communication module, E.g. Different architecture of CPU , and Memory should be less than 30KB;

3. During the device/sensor/client application developing, the user need to know the exact knowledge of communication module, when using communication module's API to developing, some of code such as connection initializing/recovering would take lots of effort, but they would like to pay more attention on key API using, E.g. Send message, receive message...

4. For the communication module between device and back server always have different requirements for different solution. Some properties would impact both client and server side. When generated communication client in device side should comply with server policy. E.g. Security...

The proposed system and method can overcome or improve such the disadvantage. In this way, some useful operation could be done by system automatically


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Build a method and system for smart message platform system.

1. Build a smart platform to explore device status and metadata automatically;

2. Build a smart platform to develop/build customized IoT clients based on status and metadata into various devices on IoT Cloud Platform;

3. Build a smart platform to configure/deploy devices automatically;

4. Build a Could based tools and APIs for user to use customized clients to build simple work flow and application logic;


1.Speed the client application development process.

2.Help the developer to focus on key functionality dev/build/deploy.
3.Build/deploy the appropriate module based on condition automatically .

Whole method and system is consist of following component:

1. The metadata discovery Layer component is used to fetch device status and metadata;

2. The Auto build layer components to customized client and build the application;

3. The dynamic deploy layer components deploy the client into devices based on server runtime metadata;

Figure 1 System architecture


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Metadata Discovery Layer:Device status and metadata auto-discovery module.

1. Using ag...