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Publication Date: 2014-Dec-11
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1)Outlook Use G sensor/RV sensor on PCBA, amplifier and combo system to detect seismic wave. HDD is now everywhere from secured server room to my poor house. If every single HDD plays a role of seismic detector, there will be so high resolution system. 2)Problem Description By this invention, not only does HDD plays data storage but seismic detect device. These days, seismic activity is world-widely positive. In order to predict it , the seismic detection system is developing / installing mainly by the academics, in where the most popular device is G sensor. It is the example of system that the detection circuit receives from output of G sensor, digitizes from analog to digital then logs digital data in storage device. To accurate the prediction more is to install the system every where as many as possible But it is too expensive for a citizen to purchase it.

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1)multi functional shock wave detector in combo

Present HDD shock sensing is just to cooperate the amplitude of G sensor.

By detecting amplitude level/pulse duration and countering for amp. threshold, HDD can distinguish whether it is seismic wave.
shock wave (ms order) seismic wave (s order)


Data is logged in HDDs.


Detection parameters are selected by users. Data are viewed.