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Browser plugin to highlight shared information Disclosure Number: IPCOM000239904D
Publication Date: 2014-Dec-11
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When you share pictures, videos or documents, you may want to highlight some different details in the picture or in the video or some sentences in the document, depending on the persons with which you are sharing the information. For example in a video or in a picture for some recipients you want to highlight a specific person or detail and possibly to add a note. Other recipients. instead, must not see these notations but must see another person or another detail highlighted and a different note. You may want to share the same large object source with many recipients, providing different and customized highlights or additional information to different groups of recipients. You do not want to send different customized copies of the source object.

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Browser plugin to highlight shared information

    Hereafter is disclosed a system and a method to share the same source object with every recipient, but each recipient will see it the way it has been specifically customized for him, there is a tailoring (during the rendering phase) of the source object without modifying it.

    To highlight information for different people on the same video or document you can use a browser extension (a plugin) that creates personal masks by identifying the areas of the picture or video or the sentences of the document and defines metadata that associate these areas to specific recipients. This online annotation on images or documents allows you to have all comments or highlights shown on the same document but without creating different online copies. A new browser extension (a plugin) will allow you to create a mask defined by some metadata, containing information such as areas to highlight and associated recipients. This data is added to the normal URL link. When the link to the object is received, the same browser plugin will interpret it by extracting the metadata and identifying the highlighted areas associated to each specific recipient that is accessing the normal URL link, applying the personalized mask for each entitled recipient. The enriched "smart link" contains, in addition to the mask, the associated userid of the user that will receive the link. When the link is received, the same plugin makes the match between the recipient that accesses the link and the metadata. For example if you receive the enriched link in a chat system, the metadata associated to you can be identified by your chat userid.

    The link to a single file (the object exists somewhere in a Web page, and might or might not be owned by you) is sent to all recipients embedding a specific part for each recipient (identified by a special tagging) added as trailing to the "standard" object link. Once set and elaborated it enables each receiver to see highlighted, for instance a specific sentence in a file, a specific part of a picture that would be of interest (using the coordinates of the area in the document/picture), a specific video frame (using the time from-to of a video and the coordinates inside that frames), etc. This is done on the sender side by using a browser plug-in that creates the smart-link based on a mask customized by the sender for each recipient, and by using a browser plug-in on the receiver side that identifies and processes the additional info present in the smart link and associates this info to each of the recipients.

    The smart-link holds the "standard" link, the special tag delimiting the customized information, the coordinates of a masking drawing object (a circle for


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example: x, y and ray), the email of the target and if needed a password.

    When the smart link is received the browser plugin extracts the link to the original object source and interprets the associated metadata. It identif...