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Technique for Card less ATM transactions with multiple money accounts using USSD session on mobile phone Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240064D
Publication Date: 2014-Dec-29
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A technique to allow users to perform Card less ATM transactions with their multiple money accounts using mobile number. User can attach all his money accounts with one mobile number and one password. Using USSD session based ( interactive) application on mobile phone, user can remote authenticate the ATM by providing mobile number in ATM (and provide password in mobile phone).

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Technique for Card less ATM transactions with multiple money accounts using USSD session on mobile phone


Disclosed is a technique for performing card less transactions with ATM (automated teller machine), just by using combination of Mobile phone, registered mobile number, and password over USSD gateway (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data). This system enables user to perform remote authentication of ATM with USSD for multiple bank accounts in single login session. This ATM service will be centrally managed by Telecom service provider, hence gives power to use single password to carry out transaction from different banks or different money deposit accounts. Mobile currency available in user's mobile account can also be used to withdraw cash. User can attach any type of money account with his mobile number and use it for ATM transaction. In USSD menu, user can see balance available in account list (account attached to mobile number), user can select any account to be default or primary account to perform transaction on ATM.

This method doesn't need any debit or credit card for performing any transaction over ATM. The important advantage of this transaction method is transaction is carried out through Remote authentication . By utilizing this method, distant family member or friends can perform the ATM Machine transaction on behalf of user, because mobile phone need not to be present in premise of ATM. Similar scenario can be visualized in following activity diagram (Fig-1).



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This solution Targets to solve the following problems:

1. Enable money transection with ATM without using debit card.

2. Enable remote authentication for ATM transaction; distant friend or family member can withdraw money from ATM being in different city.

3. Enable real time user authentication with use of USSD session based service of Telco to carry out transaction in ATM. [1]

4. Enable mobile number to be used for transaction from multiple accounts. Currently, for multiple savings accounts, we need to carry multiple debit cards to withdraw cash from ATM.

5. Enable safety against mobile phone theft, to avoid misuse in financial transaction. Following are the some known solution for above mentioned problems:

1. iMobile Bank card less cash [2,3]

2. Common wealth Bank Mobile App[4]

3. Instant money transfer from various banks i.e May Bank-Malaysia, ICICI Bank, AXIS Bank, Bank Of India, IndusInd Bank, etc [5-10] .

Drawback of above mentioned solutions:

1. Security concern for such services exist, and fraud cases has been recorded [11]

2. These services are based on SMS, Internet banking, or Mobile app [34-40].

SMS is an asynchronous mode of communication; hence possible network delay is unavoidable.

Internet banking and Mobile app based services require GPRS/3G connection to work, and mobile apps require smartphone; it cannot be used by users having basic feature phones [5-11].

Why a new solution is necessary to overcome abov...