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a location based unlock system for mobile device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240109D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-04
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a new way to unlock smart phone -- using embedded location devices to unlock smart phone. Current unlock systems in mobile devices are still using traditional PC based knowledge such as password protection or graph protection to unlock the devices. All these technologies are not rely on the geographic technology which is unique in mobile devices. This disclosure provides a solution will leverage the geographic technology from mobile device to build a new unlock system. This unlock system is more user friendly and more securied than traditional ones.

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a location based unlock system for mobile device

The unlock systems in current mobile device are not good enough to balance the easy of use and security requirements. A reason of that is these unlock systems still not fully leverage modern mobile device capabilities. So, all existing unlock systems in mobile devices are still similar to what we have in PC side. If system requires a high security protection, a traditional way of mix number with character is widely used. But input such long characters in a small screen is not convenient and easily to be recorded. Biometric solution is another way. But it's easily to be hacked as well.

So, how to design a unlock system which is simple enough but hard to be record and hacked is the problem.

Leveraging the embedded devices of mobile phone to use the geographic information to design an unlock system. The advantage is : it's simple as it rely on the existing devices and easy to use. Also, this solution is hard to be hacked or recorded. Further more, the solution can be design to be location based.

When end user try to lock the mobile device, the unlock system shows unlock screen of the mobile location and position.


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The end user should move the mobile device to a specified position, in term of position and angle and keep the position and angle for a while. If match with predefined position and angle, the mobile device can be unlock. Otherwise, the system is still locked.

step 1: end user se...