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A method and system of performance governance for Cloud Computing based on Event-driven mechanism Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240110D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-04

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With the prevalence of Cloud service and Cloud computing, more server nodes are added to the system, during the development or production environment, it's very normal and frequent that a wide scope of system changes will be applied to the Cloud infrastructure, changes such as : hotfix, the configuration change including the CPU/RAM or any specific application (middle-ware, database parameters) tuning, etc. So It's becoming more and more complex to track and evaluate the performance impact for single or even multiple system change, and it's difficult to analyse the performance change regarding this by traditional approach. In order to detect the performance degradation/improvement as early as possible, a proactive-detection mechanism will be implemented, whenever and whatever event the system occurs(configuration change, code change, etc.), the exact events info will be collected, tracked, analysed, simply, a core idea is: A predefined performance change set is defined for each event definition and will be refined by the Learning System. The Event-Performance Analyzer will identify the correlation between the event and performance based on Correlation, Pattern.