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System and method to trigger early traffic jam warning for offline on-vehicle device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240112D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-04

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This disclosure disclose a method to transmit traffic status ahead for no internet access available. In this method, each vehicle will collect traffic jam information in opposite direction, it requires each vehicle equips short range wireless radio device to broadcast traffic jam information already collected to opposite direction vehicles it meets on road. Each time the vehicle gets new information, it merges the information it has to keep updated and maintains the information within a considerable range to keep messages transmitted small and quick.

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System and method to trigger early traffic jam warning for offline on

System and method to trigger early traffic jam warning for offline on-


Traffic jam is really a common issue in most cities. Traffic jam early warning is important to drivers to make route selection.

Offline on-vehicle navigators are widely used currently, drivers can use it to plan a route to destination, but without traffic status information. Drivers would get the same recommended route with the same algorithm, they may be likely blocked on road for traffic jam as most of vehicles choose the same route.

Real time and accurate traffic jam warning is the basic and mandatory information for drivers.


Online traffic jam broadcast is used for traffic jam warning, it is useful but it depends on network and especially cellular network. Information to offline vehicles would be limited.

(Current solution)

1). Radio broadcast: traffic status broadcasted by radio, it is common broadcasted by disk jockey.

2). Board warning along road: traffic department collect traffic status and use digital boards to display along roads.

3). Information distributed through cellular network and displayed by on-vehicle device: mobile navigator with cellular network support can get traffic status from centre server and display information on map.

(Disadvantage for current solution)

1). Radio broadcast is not for personal, it can broadcast common traffic info, but the info may not be useful for all drivers.

2). Board warning is useful and specific, but it cost the traffic department a lot to collect and maintain the information, it need to setup digital boards along roads, it need to deploy collectors to collect traffic status and centre server to distribute such info.

3). Cellular network broadcast is useful and it can well display traffic info with digital maps, but it depends on network, need to pay extra money for network flow, the traffic status collection will collect vehicles' private info, such as speed, location, it may expose privacy.

(Prior art)

1). nications.pdf (Vehicle to Vehicle communication to detect traffic congestion and estimate congestion level)

2). (Patent of detecting traffic jam)

3). (Data Warehouse Based Traffic Jam Detection)


--vehicle device

vehicle device

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The main idea of this invention is to share traffic jam info between vehicles nearby on road with wireless broadcast. With the info shared, vehicles in opposite direction can carry the traffic info away and warn vehicles which are approaching before it is too late to switch to other routes.

The first aspect of this invention is to collect information broadcasted by other vehicles on road nearby in opposite direction .