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Method for automatically identifying, classifying, and assigning a software defect Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240125D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-05
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Disclosed is a method of automatically identifying a software defect and classifying it to assign it to the correct individual for resolution.

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Method for automatically identifying, classifying, and assigning a software defect

A software defect is opened to identify and classify a software error. A software error occurs when a computer program fails and producesan invalid result. Tracking the errors in software defects ensures investigation and resolution of the problem .

Defects may be opened by customers using the product or by product developers. To identify the problem, these defects include the error messages emitted by the computer program. The issue arises when the defects must be subsequently triaged and assigned to accountable and experienced developers.

With current solutions and protocols, a person is assigned to manage newly opened defects. This individual reads the defect and assigns it to the candidate who will investigate it. Alternatively, individuals may read and then manage the defects. This manual process is costly, tedious, time consuming, and error prone. A defect may not be assigned to the suitable and experienced person or a defect may be ignored.

Automation, accountability,accelerated defect resolution time, and defect validity increase productivity, efficiency, product quality, and customer satisfaction, as well as hasten the realization of deadlines and goals.

A method is needed to accurately and automatically identify a defect and then classify it to be assigned to the appropriate individuals.

The novel contribution is a method for automatically identifying a software defect , and then classifying and assigning it for resolution. The method uses software error messages to identify and classify software defects . Specifically, the method is to examine the error messages emitted when a computer progr...