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System and method to automate responses using a collaborative cloud-based repository

IP.com Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240126D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-05
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Disclosed is an improved and collaborative cloud-based repository of the most common alerts and messages from different platforms. The system stores, ranks, and shares accurate troubleshooting steps for any event that requires some response from the operator, and runs a client agent that monitors a user’s screen for alerts, errors, pop-up messages, etc. that can impact any ongoing task.

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System and method to automate responses using a collaborative cloud-based repository

Both business and domestic users perform several types of routines, from simple tasks to critical routines, which cannot be interrupted. This can include software installations, updates, database backups, files transfers, Structured Query Language (SQL) statements, etc. An interruption to such routines demands specific actions from the operator in order to resume the operation in the shortest time and with the least possible impact. Even with a mitigation plan, the troubleshooting can be difficult, time-consuming, labor-intensive, and costly.

Despite the variety of methods for problem determination, the resolution depends on a number of factors such as message type , message code, environment, platform, etc. A possible solution that works for one might not work for another due to small differences between the environments. Moreover, no existing solutions allow users to resume an interrupted routine and/or determine the best choice for resolving an interruption.

The novel contribution is a system and method to use a collaborative cloud-based repository to share the most accurate responses to alerts, errors, pop-up messages, etc., and then automatically resume blocked tasks or avoid interruptions of ongoing tasks. The main novelty is the combination of a collaborative cloud-based repository with a client agent able to perform accurate responses previously ranked by a sort algorithm without human interaction.

The collaborative cloud-based database repository stores known alerts, messages, and the most successful responses shared by
a community of users, covering different applications and operational systems. These responses are ranked using a numeric scale as a result of a sort algorithm that uses (among other criteria) details of the message found and user's environment information in order to show the most effective response to a given problem or issue. The repository continuously improves with the addition of new community members sharing issues and the associated responses.

This system also encompasses an application (i.e. agent) that monitors the screen for events such as messages, alerts, errors, pop-up windows, etc. When any of these events occur, the agent:

1. Obtains related information

2. Runs a query in the cloud-based database repository according to customer's environment

3. Identifies an accurate response

4. Performs the suitable set of required actions, even when more than one possible solution is found or multiple steps are

necessary to resume blocked tasks and/or avoid any interruption of ongoing tasks


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General computational routines and processes that cannot be stopped or users that do not want to waste time with troubleshooting can take advantage of this approach to automatically resume routines and/or processes upon sudden interruption. In addition, any action shared by the community can be imported according to it...