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Integration of Combinatorial Test Design with Automated Testing to Develop Smart Automated Test Suites Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240142D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-06
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Disclosed is a method for developing smart automated test suites by combining the Combinatorial Test Design modeling concepts with an Automated Test scripting tool. This method condenses multiple automated scripts into a script driven by data from the Combinatorial Test Design model's many scenarios that covers the application/process functionality.

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Integration of Combinatorial Test Design with Automated Testing to Develop Smart Automated Test Suites

Automated test scripts developed from manual test plans still require many scripts to execute the given application/process functionality.

The solution is a method of integrating the Combinatorial Test Design (CTD) model scenarios with an automated test-scripting tool to create a Smart Automated Test script that excises the candidate application using a parameter file of many scenarios with a single test script.

The Combinatorial Test Design model is capable of developing a finite test suite using combinatorial math concepts to fully excise an application/process with minimal test cases. The model developed using CTD follows the process path through the application excising as much of the validation points as possible within the boundaries of the application. Then, the model develops a table of the application attributes exercised in the process combined with a logical description of the associated values. The model is following the same process path, only altering the attribute values, making it an ideal candidate for automated testing via a parameterized automated test script.

In an example embodiment with a commercial customer, the concept is applied to an automated test script tool developed for System, Applications, and Products (SAP) engagements. Working with the automated test scripting subject matter expert (SME), the user can develop the code that para...