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Filter cutting machine Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240155D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-07
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            This disclosure relates to a machine for cutting boxed filters for cigarettes

In the cigarette industry, filter rod is commonly produced in multiples of the final rod length that will be used in a cigarette; the multiple length rod is cut to length during the cigarette manufacturing process.  Thus, if a filter element in a cigarette is to be 27 mm in length, a 4‑up filter rod 108 mm in length may be made.  In research and development, quality control and assurance and product development in the cigarette industry it is necessary to asses the performance and conformity to type of filters for cigarettes and other smoking articles.  It may be desirable to assess filters or filter elements of a length that is not currently conveniently available.  The filter cutting machine (FCM) of this disclosure allows lengths of filter rod to be cut to a desired length, so that existing filter rods can be used to provide cigarettes with shorter filter elements, avoiding the need to manufacture shorter filter rods.  For example, a 4‑up filter rod of length 108 mm can be cut to 100 mm in length so that cigarettes having filter elements of length 25 mm can be made.  This can reduce the time for and material and manufacturing cost of assessing a new filter design.  The filter cutting machine is of particular benefit when composite filters are being assessed.

The filter cutting machine of this disclosure can reduce the length of boxed filter rods.  It has a loading system similar to that of existing combining machines, but manually operated.  It has an adjustable cutting system with a rotating blade and driving drum, and a counter upstream of the cutting zone to record the number of filter rods cut.  The cut filter rods are boxed in a collection zone, and the cut off filter material is held in a waste recovery zone.

Figure 1 – Existing FCM overview

Figure 2 - FCM loading zone

The filter cutting machine of this disclosure comprises a loading zone, a cutting zone and a collecting point, as shown in Figure 1.  The loading zone (seen best in Figure 2 above) includes a manual loading system into which a box of filter rods from storage is loaded.  The loading zone cover is opened using the handle and the box of filters introduced.  The box guides in the loading zone can be adjusted to accommodate different depths of boxes.  The bo...