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X-ray scanner for cigarette filters Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240156D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-07
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In the manufacture of filters for cigarettes and other smoking articles it is necessary, for quality control purpose, to inspect the internal structure of the filters.  It is common for filters to feature inclusions such as capsules and solid additives like charcoal.  There is a need to inspect these inclusions to check for damaged or empty capsules or to inspect the position, size and density of the solid additives.  The apparatus of the present disclosure provides an effective means of doing so.  It finds particular application in the inspection of composite filters including filters containing capsules, when it is desirable to check the position and condition of the capsules, and of filters having solid inclusions, such as carbon.


Figure 1 - system architecture (Left: hardware, right: software)

Figure 2 Soft X-Ray layout

As can be seen from Figures 1 and 2 above, the apparatus includes an X-ray source, such as a soft X-ray source (which may be one that emits X-rays of lower energy than about 5 keV) and an X-ray camera, in addition to other inspection devices such as CCD camera.  The X-ray source emits X-rays that pass through the filters on the production line and impinge on the X-ray camera.  The camera is connected to a computer which can show the internal structure of filters photographically and control the line to remove filters that do not conform to specification.

Figure 3 - Soft X-ray measure (Above: carbon, Below: capsules)

Figure 4 - Soft X-ray measure (Above: broken capsules, Below: empty capsules)

Figure 5 - Soft X-ray measure (Above: partial empty capsules, Below: cross section position of capsules)