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Loading system for a mixture of charcoal and cellulose beads Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240157D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-07
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            This disclosure relates to a system for transferring cigarette filter components from storage to the point of manufacture.

            Cigarette filters often include components that are stored in bags such as charcoal and cellulose beads (see Figure 1).  During manufacture, in is necessary to transfer these components from where they are stored to the filter making machine.  This can be difficult, particularly when the charcoal and the cellulose beads are mixed together.  The apparatus of the present disclosure provides an affective means for transferring mixed filter components from storage to the point of manufacture.

Figure 1 - Cigarette filter featuring several components

            The system comprises a feeding hose which transports the mixed material, such as charcoal and cellulose beads, to the filter maker.  One end (the proximal end) of the hose is connected to the filter maker while the other (the distal end) is placed in the bag containing the material.  The material is drawn into the distal end of the feeding hose by a Venturi pump (commercial booster) mounted at the distal end of the hose (Figure 4).  The pump is supplied with compressed air by a compressed air feed that is attached to the feeding hose at the distal end.

            The pressure of the air supplied to the pump can be up to 6 bar.  The inner diameter of the feeding hose c...