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Method to Reserve Slots for Autonomous Vehicle Coordination Disclosure Number: IPCOM000240180D
Publication Date: 2015-Jan-09
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Disclosed is a method to reserve a slot in a smart highway system so that an autonomous vehicle efficiently moves from place to place based on predetermined optimizations.

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Method to Reserve Slots for Autonomous Vehicle Coordination

With the advent of autonomous vehicles and smart highways , there is a need to reserve a slot for an autonomous vehicle in a smart highway system . A slot is the space a vehicles occupies on the smart highway system.

The novel solution is a method for reserving slots in a smart highway system . The method prioritizes and assigns weightings to vehicle attributes and then selects an appropriate traffic slot based on that weighting.

In preparation for entry to the highway system, the autonomous vehicle composes an offer. Components of the offer can include the following :

• Physical attributes (e.g., size of vehicle, maximum speed of vehicle, fuel efficiency, battery life, etc.)

• Financial attributes (e.g., pay extra for fast slot, pay extra for specific busy route)
• Personal attributes (e.g., preference for fast or slow slot, preference for country

roads or highway, drive only during day)

The method comprises the following steps:

1. The driver submits an offer to one or more providers of smart highway or toll roads

2. The provider accepts or rejects the offer based on available slots

3. If the offer is accepted, the highway administrator determines prioritization

  attributes (e.g., number of passengers in vehicle, oversized vehicle, emergency vehicle, monetary prioritization, etc.) and the weight of each attribute
4. The provider gathers attributes from the autonomous vehicle
5. The system sends attributes to the central authority and calculates weighting to

  determine score
6. Based on the score, the syst...